New York City is Now Epicenter of Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak in the USA

My Forex Trading Cat

I was raised with cats. So, cats have always been a part of my life. Now that I am a Forex Trader, my cats mean even more to me. All I have to do if I am having a bad day is just watch them play. My Cats are inspirational.
After a day of trading the Forex market, it is nice to just come the trader’s corner and just sit back and have a few laughs with the family, especially if you have a little one running around by your feet all day. This is how I unwind from a gruelling day or night of trading the Forex Market

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A. Ever heard of Tai Lopez?

B. He’s looking to personally mentor a small group of people to become ‘black belts’ with money.

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Two Step in Cowboy Boots. This is a bonus video for your entertainment. Thanks for unwinding with us.

Could the Coronavirus be More Contagious than Previously Thought?

Recording Artist Pink Infected with Coronavirus COVID-19

Just when it seems like we’ve captured the COVID-19 genie in a bottle, it slips out of our grasp of understanding it, with yet, another twist. Scientists in Italy say the coronavirus COVID-19 has been detected in air pollution particles. Cities with high levels of smog comes to mind. This could be the reason why cities such as Wuhan and New York City have seen such high rates of COVID-19 infection because these cities have high levels of pollution and high population densities.

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Nonfarm Payrolls Disappoints,While Private Employment Rose

The better than expected ISM Services PMI and the Balance of Trade improvements tells us that the services sector could be the contributing factor for the improved trade balance. In fact, we know the improvement in Exports could never be attributed to the manufacturing sector because the manufacturing sector has been underperforming lately.

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Fed Started off 2020 by Adding $56.72 Billion to Banking System

If inventory levels are low and production levels are high, then manufacturing activities are healthy and positive, which is good for the economy and bullish for the USD. On the other hand, if inventory levels are high and production levels low, manufacturing activities are low, which is negative for the economy and bearish for the USD.

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