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The “Traders Corner” page is where like-minded traders interact with each other and share trading ideas on all aspect of trading, from Stocks, Forex, Bitcoin, altcoins, other cryptocurrencies, down to commodities and whatever else is on the trader’s mind.

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Please Read the Information Below to Understand the Importance of Interest Rates in Trading and Investing…

Interest Rates are Crucial Investment Tools for Investors

Bond Investors buy bonds in countries with the highest Interest Rates in order to get a higher return on investments, and Forex Currency investors go long on currency pairs with higher interest rates and go short on currencies with lower interest rates.

Stock investors on the other hand, sells stocks in countries that have very high interest rates because companies in those countries usually have decrease sales as a result of the high interest rates, which make it difficult for consumers to get loans from banks or credit card companies. This cause consumers to decrease their spending in buying consumer goods because they don’t have surplus money to spend in buying company-produced products. This cause companies to have decrease sales, which negatively affects their earnings report, reflecting poor performances of the companies stock on the stock market. This is why the stock market does poorly by falling lower and lower because all companies are affected by consumer not having enough money to spend on consumer goods.

Then why was the interest rate raised by the Feds in the first place? The Federal Reserve raises interest rates to slow down inflation if the economy is expanding too fast, a moderate rate of inflation or economic expansion is acceptable; however, a rapid rate of expansion or inflation is not acceptable.

More explanation will be available in my upcoming book on how to trade like investment banks.

Thanks for your support in advance, Glenford S. Robinson

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