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The normal hours of trading in the stock market begins at 9:30 am. However, their is a pre-market session that opens before that time.

Stock Market Top Movers and Gainers

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Today’s (Fri, Sept 21, 2018) top Pre-market movers and gainers are GLT, up 49% and DTEA, up 45%. Both stocks, both tea companies, are gaining speculative attention as a result of the potential combining of the beverage and cannabis industries. On the home security front, ADT moved higher by 7% in this morning’s pre-market session on word of a joint business partnership with Amazon. MZOR (Mazor Robotics) topped off our list of notable pre-market movers by jumping 10% in pre-market trading on word that Medtronic placed a bid to buy the medical robotics company for $1.64 Billion.

Our notable Midday Gainer is AWSM (Cool Holdings Inc.) that has ballooned 78% since the opening bell to $18.30 as of writing (time stamped 1:05 pm ET).

Today’s Premarket Gainers

The normal hours of trading in the stock market begins at 9:30 am. However, their is a pre-market session that opens before that time. The exact time in which traders can buy or sell stocks in the pre-market depends solely on the broker because the NASDAQ permits pre-market trading from 4 am Eastern Standard Time to 9:30 am. Therefore, a stock broker can allow pre-market trading anytime between 4 am ET and 9:30 am ET.

Stocks that are pre-market gainers sometimes becomes gainers throughout the day, weeks, months, and year. Therefore, it is a good idea for stock traders to keep an eye on stocks that are gaining traction in the pre-market session.

This is why we are providing you with a quick list of stocks that have gained or increased in prices.

Here is the list of pre-market top movers and gainers and how much they have moved today 09/19/2018 at about 9am.

(MTEM) up by 51% from previous close, (TLRY) up by 49% since previous close, (MOC) up by 46% since previous trading day’s close; (NBEV) up by 19% since previous trading day’s close; (IGC) up by 19% since previous close; (DGLY) up by 15% since previous close; (CRON) up 13% since previous close; (SMRT), up 12% since previous close; (SPWR) up 8% since previous close; and (CGC) increased in share price by 6% since previous close.

Investors or traders should not decide to trade a stock just because it is making a pre-market move. Instead, they should find out the reason why the stock is moving in whatever direction it is moving in. If there is no valid reason why the stock has began to move up or down, the investor or trader should stay away from that stock or consult a qualified financial professional or investment adviser for guidance.


Top Gainers On Friday 9/14/18

Champions Oncology Inc., (CSBR) jumped 22.1% percent to $10.35 in pre-market trading on Friday after reporting better than expected results for its first quarter.

Radiant Logistics, Inc., (RLGT) share price jumped 19.1% to $5.48 in pre-market trading on Friday after reporting better-than-expected results for its first quarter on Thursday.

CPS Technologies Corporation (CPSH) share price jumped 15.7% to $1.94 in before-market trading on Friday after reporting that a $5 million order in new Hermatic Packaging was made by Key Customers.

Realogy Holdings Corp, (RLGY) share price jumped 8.2% to $21.43 in pre-market trading after news broke that the company was being added to the S&P MidCap 400 on Thursday, September 20.

Volatility increases with a company’s share price before and after being added to a major index. Volatility usually means opportunity to rake in high profits if proper risk management strategies are followed.

Corning Incorporated (GLW) share price jumped 2.2% to $35.80 in before-market trading. Citigroup upgraded Corning from Neutral to Buy, while raising the price target to $40 from $32.50.

An upgrade of a company’s stock by a prominent rating agency spells good news for the stock price of that company’s stock. The stock price will usually rise overtime if the underlying cause of the upgrade was a legitimate increase in the overall value of the company–company becoming more profitable. Profit taking could also be a possibility; therefore, short term trading could be risky for the novice trader. The major players don’t trade short term.


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