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RanJa Dogecoin Lyrics

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Dogecoin Lyrics by RanJa

SNL-Elon Musk Miley Cyrus Appearance Lyrics by RanJa.

Platinum Palms, Snoop Doge yawns, (Hands of Steel), seal the deal to peal all dogecoins from Paper Palms basket at the dips.

Platinum Palms, Sell the swell to make a profit, while Paper Palms buy the ratchet. Paper Palms, you got to stop it.

Drop it. You can’t make money, trying to catch it. SNL-Elon Musk May 8th Appearance, Miley Cyrus hip. Grab a cheer and sit. You better watch it, cause it’s legit. Dogecoin to the moon in a SpaceX ship. Got it?

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“Hey, RanJa this is an awesome Dogecoin Piece.”

Your boy, Glen

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