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52-Week Highs

The 52-Week High and Low marks are important indicators used by stock traders to determine the possible profitability of a stock. Some traders go short on stocks that hit 52-Week highs while others go long. It is clearly up to the trader to decide which way to go on a particular 52-Week high stock. The Mstardom Finance trading group for example uses additional criterias to determine a short or long position on a 52-Week high stock or a 52-Week low stock.

We will not divulge our techniques in determining which way to go on a particular 52-Week high stock or a 52-Week low stock simply because this is our proprietary trade secret, which we cannot divulge to the public. It is a trade secret a very highly successful one at that.

Instead, what we will do on this page is provide you with the necessary trading tools, so you can figure it all out for yourself. Anyone can figure out a winning strategy buy using the 52-Week highs or lows by employing diligent research and study.

Contrary to Youtube trading educators, we elect to keep our trading techniques as a secret instead of revealing it to the public. We are not even interested in selling our trading techniques. This is how important it is to our company’s bottom line and profitability.

If you are interested in learning more about our company, Mstardom Finance at Mstardom, Inc., please send us a message using our contact page.

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