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Video Transcript: A Bitcoin Millionaire’s Point of View

00:00 Everybody, Christopher Green, Alternative
00:02 Media Television; happy, happy, afternoon
00:05 to you;

00:06 God bless! Jesus Christ is king; In
00:10 today’s video, I want to talk about
00:12 what’s going on with Bitcoin, what’s
00:15 Going on with the Cryptocurrency market
00:17 from the eyes and lens of somebody who’s
00:19 been investing, participating for over a
00:21 decade; again, most of you know my story:
00:24 Bitcoin, blockchain technology has
00:26 changed my life; it’s made me a
00:27 multi-millionaire; today it is the
00:30 biggest opportunity that I’ve come
00:32 across, since the advent of the internet
00:34 and social media combined; it will be
00:37 bigger than both; it is laying the
00:39 technological foundation for the new
00:41 global economy; it is the biggest thing
00:45 in the world just like social media has
00:48 become the biggest thing in the world.

00:51 For example, I remember when people
00:53 laughed at YouTube; now the top 10
00:56 youtube earners, I think if I’m recalling
00:58 correctly, this was Forbes magazine,
01:00 yesterday, make a combined 180 million
01:02 dollars annually. The highest-paid earner
01:05 is a young kid who just signed a deal
01:08 with Walmart; he does toy reviews; and
01:11 again, it’s almost…well, it’s not shocking
01:15 to me because I understood this a decade ago…

01:17 But, it’s shocking to a lot of people
01:19 when…now, if you’re not in social media,
01:23 if you don’t blog, if you don’t market
01:26 online, you’re simply not in business, or
01:29 you are going out of business; it has not
01:32 just become a part of our society; it is
01:35 literally our entire society, as people
01:37 bury their faces into a cellphone the
01:40 same way you’re consuming this video right now…

01:43 So, we need to fundamentally
01:46 understand how big the opportunity in
01:48 blockchain technology is; again, it is the
01:51 biggest opportunity in the world; there
01:53 will not be another opportunity like
01:56 this, in my humble opinion; maybe in my
01:58 lifetime; it is that huge; so, what’s
02:02 happening? Again, we’ve seen these bear
02:04 markets before; we have seen
02:06 consolidation phases, where Bitcoin and
02:08 cryptocurrency has, what the mainstream
02:10 media would say collapsed, 90
02:12 percent 80-plus percent, as we see today.

02:15 I think we’re down 82%; we’ve lost some
02:18 700 billion dollars off total market
02:21 capitalization which, by the way, is a
02:23 drop in the bucket.

02:24 Fang stocks lost over a trillion dollars
02:26 last week. Okay! So, it just gives you an
02:29 idea like we’ve barely touched the
02:30 surface in terms of saturation market
02:34 adoption and of course because there’s
02:36 all this cynicism ridicule and really
02:39 just misunderstanding and lack of
02:41 education. A blockchain tech that tells
02:44 you that’s a…what am I looking for? that
02:47 that’s an indicator; it’s an
02:50 indicator of how wrong the general
02:51 population is when it comes to crypto
02:53 currency, blockchain, Bitcoin etc…

02:56 And by the way, anyone that says, and I hear this
02:59 a lot; I hear this from quote-unquote
03:01 smart people; they’re like…well,
03:02 Christopher, I’m not sure about that
03:04 Bitcoin, but you know I believe
03:07 blockchain is the future and by the way,
03:09 that’s not even their opinion, it’s just
03:11 a stupid opinion of somebody they heard
03:13 on establishment media right there!…

03:15 Like they heard on CNBC, and they’re just
03:17 repeating it because they know nothing
03:18 about Bitcoin; they know nothing about
03:20 the technology; they know nothing about
03:21 blockchain; news flash, bitcoin is the
03:25 blockchain; did you hear me? Bitcoin is
03:30 the freaking blockchain! It is the number
03:33 one blockchain truth in the world…in the
03:37 world; that’s exactly what bitcoin is; so,
03:40 even that statement is flawed, and it
03:43 shows you whoever says that doesn’t even
03:44 know what they they’re talking about;
03:46 they have no idea what they’re talking
03:48 about; they’re just parroting.

03:50 They are on the mainstream media, CNBC
03:53 Fox News, whatever MIB, CNN, MSNBC, the
03:56 controlled media propaganda
03:57 infrastructure as it is today; so, what’s
04:01 happening? We’ve all seen this before; go
04:04 back to one of my first videos that I
04:06 posted where I told the audience
04:07 millions of people…of you that tuned in
04:09 that this was going to happen; there was
04:11 going to be a washout similar to tech,
04:13 similar to the popping of the Technic
04:15 bomb, and the dot-com bust in 2001…90,
04:19 plus percent of these projects, 90 plus
04:22 percent of these companies would go out
04:24 of business just like in tech,
04:26 but the survivors, Amazon, Microsoft
04:30 Netflix, Google, Apple the list goes on
04:35 and on, and on, will take over the entire
04:36 global economy as we know it, and it’s
04:40 exactly what happened with the dot-com
04:42 bust, and it’s exactly what’s happening
04:44 today; so, in my humble opinion, none of
04:48 this is going to go away; it’s only going
04:50 to get bigger.

04:51 In fact, for you critics and cynics out
04:53 there, it’s going to become irritatingly
04:56 annoying how big blockchain will become,
04:59 a part of your life in the next 2, 3, 4, 5,
05:03 and 10 years; now, in 10 years, it’ll be
05:05 completely saturated; the opportunity
05:07 will be missed; All the millions, billions,
05:08 the first world’s trillionaires, were
05:10 already had been minted, made; and the
05:13 giant majority of the population, the 99%
05:15 as usual because they always get it
05:17 wrong…they never participate; they’re
05:19 always on the sidelines, and they’re
05:20 always being brainwashed by the
05:21 too-big-to-fail banks or cartel; the
05:23 mainstream media and other propaganda
05:25 mechanisms, courtesy of the state…state
05:27 control and big fat government will miss,
05:29 it; the few that get it will rise at the
05:33 top; the few that get it already have
05:35 made millions, myself included; the few
05:38 that get it; how about we’ll make
05:40 billions?

05:40 We’ll make trillions and this is what is
05:42 on the horizon; so, let me get into some
05:45 technicals of what I think is going on.

05:46 First of all, there was a huge mess and
05:49 lack of confidence with the Bitcoin cash
05:51 fork; okay, with SV Satoshi’s vision vs.
05:54 ABC. Now, SV looks like it’s risen to the
05:57 top of the top ten market capitalization
05:58 as it is today; and I’m not a big fan of
06:02 it; I’m not an Abbott; I don’t like
06:03 Bitcoin cash; I think it does demoralize
06:05 the market; I think it’s a big reason for
06:07 the push lower; in addition to that, there
06:10 was just a lot of FOMO fear of missing
06:13 out; of course the, retail investor always
06:16 gets burned. The institutions always win.

06:18 So, what they’re doing now is what’s
06:21 happening, government, global governments
06:24 the power structure, the new world order,
06:25 whatever you want to call it, whatever
06:27 whatever, you want to determine. The
06:29 elites, they’re breaking down crypto and
06:33 they’re putting tremendous pressure
06:36 in bleeding the market out; so, that
06:38 there’s a transference of value from
06:40 weak hands which is traditionally the
06:42 retail investor mom-and-pops to the
06:45 institution’s they’re also pushing
06:47 forward right now and you’re seeing with
06:50 this new rules regulations postponements
06:53 of exchange-traded funds ETFs etc;
06:57 they’re now beginning to regulate which
07:00 I actually think is a positive for the
07:01 market; it’s good; they should regulate.

07:03 They should protect consumers; there
07:06 should be these…there should be some of
07:08 this. I don’t like regulation, but I think
07:10 it’s bullish…is what I’m telling you; so,
07:13 that’s happening; so, there’s been a delay
07:15 of some of these institutional products
07:17 coming to market Vanek ETF; there’s going
07:20 to be an announcement first quarter of
07:22 next year yada yada yada yada. It doesn’t
07:25 even really matter.

07:26 Basically, the institutions, the people
07:28 that I hang with right; the guys that are
07:30 a lot wealthier than me, the billionaires;
07:32 okay; the hedge fund managers; those at
07:35 Pantera capital; for example, those people
07:38 like Tim Draper sharks, smart guys that
07:41 are out there, venture capitalists; it
07:42 acquired Bitcoin with the collapse of
07:44 Mount Gox and have since turned it
07:46 into 200 plus million dollars, and soon
07:48 to be billions of dollars; these guys are
07:50 buying right now; okay. So, they’re buying
07:52 right, right now; they are buying; they are
07:54 buying; they’re buying; they are buying;
07:56 they’er buyer and they’re acquiring.

07:57 They’re acquiring
07:58 they’re patting their portfolios; they’re
08:00 dollar cost averaging, and they’re
08:04 basically backing up the trucks right
08:05 now. Again, this is a transference of
08:07 value from retail; weak hands, those people
08:10 that don’t know what they’re doing; we
08:11 saw the same thing in 2008, and “O’9;”
08:13 right? who sold? Retail investors; who, who
08:17 was on the losing end of the stick?

08:18 Retail–mom-and-pop…bank bailouts, too big
08:23 to fail companies; all these kinds of
08:26 shenanigans; the same thing is happening.
08:28 now; so, what this is, is a major major
08:31 opportunity and again, we’ve seen this
08:33 all before, with consolidation periods of
08:35 80, 90-plus percent, through the timeline.

08:37 By the way, Bitcoin still is the best
08:40 performing asset over the last 12 month
08:43 period far exceeding returns of the S&P;
08:47 500 by 400
08:49 % 4 X 400 %; so, don’t let anybody tell
08:53 you bitcoin has been a bad investment.

08:55 No, it’s been the best investment in the
08:57 world and was the best investment in the
08:59 world over the last year or so depending
09:01 on the timeline that you’re looking at.

09:03 Forex rates return thousand X rates of
09:06 return for those of us who got an early
09:07 in; and around, you know 2010, or earlier,
09:10 you know 2008, 2009 some of us that got
09:13 lucky that we’re mining and these kinds
09:15 of things in the early days; so, let’s
09:18 bring it back to the common man–you and
09:20 me. Let me tell you what I’m doing and by
09:22 the way, this is not financial advice;

09:23 This is not investment advice; I’m not a
09:25 financial advisor; all investments can
09:27 and potentially will go to zero, can
09:29 stay the same or make money; there is no
09:31 guarantee of future return; please read
09:35 our disclaimers, disclosures on our
09:36 website; all of can read our
09:38 legal information at am TV Mediacom and
09:40 Bitcoin rich calm; I’m not giving advice
09:41 I’m not telling you what to do; this is
09:43 what I’m doing; this is my opinion; so, I’m
09:46 an average guy; what am I doing? I’m
09:48 buying!

09:48 Right now, I’m nibbling at this range. I
09:51 tweeted yesterday; follow me at am TV
09:52 media on Twitter; I am nibbling in and
09:57 around 3000; My next target looking at
10:00 the charts, looking at fundamentals,
10:02 technicals, and just extrapolating the
10:04 the hard data back my next target…would
10:07 be 1,300 if we continue to continually
10:10 see this aggressive pull back bear market go
10:13 lower. I think it’s possible; I think it
10:15 might happen; that’s not a guarantee; we
10:17 might be consolidating here and now
10:18 might be the low; nobody really knows…

10:20 1300s the next target, under a thousand, a
10:24 thousand dollars, or less; Bitcoin taking…
10:26 it out…over a year ago, before we had the
10:28 massive epic run, and it got into the
10:30 news and everybody including Grandma
10:31 wanted to buy Bitcoin because they
10:33 thought they could become a
10:33 multimillionaire.

10:34 if we get below that, I think it’ll be
10:37 total blood on the streets that would be
10:39 the capitulation marker that would be
10:41 personally when I start getting very
10:43 very aggressive; I start adding into my
10:44 existing positions; if we don’t go that
10:47 low, if we don’t get that capitulation,
10:50 and I kind of think we are…Like…I still
10:52 think, there’s too much confidence right
10:54 now; I don’t think there’s enough blood
10:55 on the streets; I mean I’ve got to be
10:57 reading that people are jumping off
10:58 buildings, not that I want that to happen,
10:59 but like it’s got to be like 1929–
11:02 people throwing themselves outside of
11:04 buildings; the mainstream media is saying
11:05 that bitcoin is going to be outlawed
11:07 even though you know it won’t although
11:09 that’s a possibility; people are losing
11:12 everything; you’re reading about, you know,
11:14 horrible things in the news even the
11:17 believers on Twitter are telling you
11:19 it’s going to zero; they lost everything.

11:21 Like…think two thousand eight, 2009,
11:23 think nineteen twenty nine,
11:24 that’s capitulation where you’re
11:27 questioning the very reality in
11:29 existence and survivability of this
11:32 technology or whatever investment
11:34 it might be; it could be tulips but of
11:36 course bitcoin is not tulips; it has a
11:38 usable usable use case; a real use case, I
11:43 mean even if bitcoin is just a better
11:44 form of wire transfer, it’s better
11:47 than banking, and it’s better than all
11:48 the too-big-to-fail banks, and it’s
11:50 better as a store of value because it’s
11:52 got limited supply; it can’t be printed
11:54 to infinity; it’s not fiat; it’s not
11:57 controlled by central banks; it’s not
11:58 manipulated through monetary fiscal
12:00 policy–zero percent interest rates–
12:02 quantitative easing, Operation Twist, etc,
12:04 etc, etc, etc!


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