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The Rich Thinks Differently From The Poor

Rich Mind Rich Man, Poor Mind Poor Man

Rich Mind Rich Man, Poor Mind Poor Man
By Jay Onwukwe

“Finally brethren,… whatsoever things are true,… honest,… just,… pure,… lovely,… of good report,… think on these things.” Philippians 4:8.

The real difference between the rich and the poor is their MINDS. Your mental and emotional disposition affects all facets of your life including your health, wealth and happiness. A positive mental attitude goes a long way in helping you reach great financial altitudes. This is because a positive mental approach to life frees your mind from destructive negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, regret, self-pity, revenge, hatred, envy, and greed.

Whenever you entertain any of these negative emotions, you waste a lot of mental and emotional energy which is better channelled towards the attainment of worthy and desirable goals. Negative thoughts and emotions must not be allowed any space, no matter how small, in your mind. For speedy progress on the path to wealth and success, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions and reactions must all be positive, always.

Positive mental attitude suffuses your consciousness with positive emotions such as love, peace, harmony, happiness, gratitude, prosperity and positive expectation. When positive mental attitude becomes your way of life, you easily and naturally exude a genuinely infectious self-confidence, with a warm and pleasing personality that makes being with you a desirable experience. And when influential people desire your company, the doors of opportunity become wide open for you.

When you live in positive mental attitude, you naturally develop that positive approach to life that successful people are known for: you think positive, dress positive, talk positive, and act positive. You walk tall, chest out and face up. You live in perpetual positive expectancy and you achieve great results.

Instead of dwelling on thoughts of lack and poverty, fill your mind with thoughts of abundance and prosperity. Instead of sickness and poor health, think wholeness and vitality. Instead of defeat and failure, think success and accomplishment. Instead of impossibility, think possibility.

Begin right now to live in positive mental attitude. Instead of being pessimistic, be optimistic and confident. Instead of worry and uncertainty, fill your mind with hope and positive expectations. Replace the emotion of fear and the mentality of self-doubt with a burning desire and absolute faith in your ability to succeed.

A basic difference between the rich and the poor, between the successful and the unsuccessful, between the lucky and the unlucky, is their mindset or mental attitude. Our mental attitude determines how we react to situations and opportunities that come our way. Generally, the rich habitually manifest rich mental attitude while the poor habitually manifest poor mental attitude, even though most of the time, unconsciously.

To illustrate, imagine two human Minds. A rich Mind and a poor Mind. Both standing side by side on the roadside as a glittering brand new car zooms past. They both gaze at the car in admiration and watch it disappear round the bend corner.

The poor Mind depressingly shrugs his shoulders, shakes his head from side to side and whispers to himself: “I can’t have that”, “I can’t afford that”, “Such is not for me”. His poor mindset and line of thought automatically foreclose any search for options and possibilities from within; effectively shutting down the mental, spiritual and emotional capabilities of his Mind to generate solutions to his desires, problems and needs.

On the other hand, the rich Mind gets positively excited, moves his head up and down, and thoughtfully whispers to himself: “I’ll certainly go for that!” “How can I afford that?” “How can I achieve that?” His rich mindset and possibility attitude automatically stimulate and activate the mental processes required to generate ideas and examine possibilities for achieving his goals; thus effectively mobilising all his mental, spiritual and emotional energies towards the successful realization of set goals, targets and objectives.

With that background illustration, let us now take a quick tour to explore the differences between the workings of the rich Mind and the workings of the poor Mind.

The rich mind thinks possibilities. The poor mind thinks impossibilities.

The rich mind asks, “How can it be done?” The poor mind believes, “It can’t be done.”

The rich mind asks, “How can I get that?” The poor mind intones, “You can’t have that!”

The rich mind asks, “What do I have that I can use?” The poor mind declares, “I don’t have what it takes!”

The rich mind sees the beautiful rose flowers amongst the thorns. The poor mind sees dangerous rose thorns amongst the flowers.

The rich mind looks out from the prison window and sees the stars. The poor mind looks out from the prison window and sees the mud.

The rich mind sees opportunities everywhere and goes after them. The poor mind sees risks everywhere and runs away from them.

The poor mind sees Goliath and thinks: He’s so big I can’t kill him. The rich mind sees Goliath and thinks: He’s so big I can’t miss him!

What the poor mind sees as an obstacle, The rich mind sees as a stepping-stone.

The rich mind sees half glass of water as half full, and is joyful. The poor mind sees half glass of water as half empty, and is sad.

Rich minds make the best out of the way things turn out. Poor minds make excuses out of the way things turn out.

Rich minds give results. Poor minds give reasons.

The rich mind thinks prosperity and abundance. The poor mind thinks lack and limitations.

The rich mind gives freely with confidence, fully aware of his eternal link to unlimited supply. The poor mind gives hesitantly, lest he be left with less than enough for himself.

Rich minds know life is fun and must be lived to the fullest. Poor minds believe life is hard and full of difficulties.

Poor minds think poverty is a virtue! Rich minds know poverty is a curse!

Rich minds passionately WANT money, and do something about it. Poor minds only WISH they had money, but do nothing about it.

Rich minds have purpose. Poor minds have wishes.

Poor minds revere money, and make it their master. Rich minds value money, but make it their slave.

Poor minds work for money. Rich minds send money to work.

Poor minds wait to get lucky. Rich minds work to get lucky.

While rich minds focus on creating additional sources of income to meet their growing needs and wants, poor minds focus on surviving through continual self-denial and cutting back on their needs and wants.

In conclusion, there is a positive and a negative perspective to every situation in life. When faced with exactly the same situation, some of us see more of the positive side while some of us see more of the negative side. Some of us are generally optimistic about life while some are generally pessimistic about life. This is because of our predominant mental attitude: Rich Mind or Poor Mind. And that determines our actions and reactions.

What we perceive of any situation is a function of our mindset or attitude to life and living, which has been developed over the long period since childhood. It is an inside thing. Our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world.

So, what is your mental attitude? What colour is your mindset? Is it positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic, rich or poor? Whatever it is, just know that Your Mind is your World, and you can take control of it right now, to create a new earthly destiny of your choice!

A positive mental attitude is a powerful habit-force that propels you towards your goals in life. By the law of mental causation in action, you must attract into your life the ideas, people, and resources necessary to bring to fruition your most dominant thoughts, whether they be good or bad, positive or negative, rich or poor.

You must therefore cultivate positive thought patterns that produce desirable results in your life experiences. You can achieve this by developing a positive mental attitude. Never allow any negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, lack, greed, hatred, jealousy and revenge to occupy any space in your mind.

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your Life! Your mental attitude determines your earthly experience. Yes, your attitude determines your altitude. Rich thoughts, rich Life: poor thoughts, poor Life.

As you live your life in positive mental attitude, as you habitually project rich and positive thought-forms into the universe, you inevitably attract similar thought currents back to yourself; and you now see your world from an exciting new perspective that puts you firmly in control on the path to a happier, healthier and richer you.

An excerpt from the book: The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know BEFORE40 by Jay Onwukwe.

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Jay Onwukwe is author “The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40” available at Amazon.

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Jamie McIntyre – How Rich People Think

Jamie McIntyre – How Rich People Think
By Marcelo Perlingeiro

One of the most important lessons you can learn with Jamie McIntyre is the right way of thinking to achieve success and financial freedom.

Success and failure start in the mind. This is a truth that few people discover before old age, but which could change the direction of your life. Instead of sitting back and watching life happen around you and to you, why not realize your own power to make decisions and take actions that change the course of your life? Or that could change the entire world?

Jamie McIntyre knows what it’s like to crave success. He knows what it’s like to have nothing and what it’s like to have everything. He knows because he has embraced his own power to change the course of his life and made his first million before he turned 30. He didn’t have it handed to him and fat didn’t just dump success in his lap. He effectively made up his mind to be rich and successful, and now he is sharing his experience and years of hard earned knowledge with others.

So, how do rich people think? The following is just a brief glimpse of what I have learned from Jamie.

Believe In Dreams

Rich people have a more positive mindset than most others. They sincerely believe that they deserve the best of the best and that even their wildest dreams can come true. They have an unshakable belief that miracles do happen…but they understand they have to make them happen.

If you find yourself caught up in negative thinking or hating the world for the circumstances of your life, you are going to go nowhere. You have to start thinking positively about your resources of improving your life and believe that you can make it happen.

Make Your Own Way

Rich people are not afraid to do the things other people aren’t willing to do or just don’t think to do. Think about it: if you do the same thing everyone else around you is doing, where is it going to get you? It will get you the same place it is getting them, right?

If you don’t like the results your father, mother, friends, and colleagues are getting with their life, then go in the opposite direction! Successful people often get to the top ranks because they struck out on their own path instead of following others.

Stop Chasing Money

It may seem strange that you have to stop chasing money in order to make tons of it, but the way most people go after money is not very effective. Instead of spending your life working hard for the dollar, find a way to make your dollars do some of that work for YOU.

Your money should be paying you back, not just burning through your pocket.

Money Isn’t Just To Spend

People who have money are often the last one to let go of it for trivial purchases. Making your money work for you will often require holding onto it for dear life and allowing it do the work. Most people want to make money so they can spend it…rich people know money isn’t just about spending.

Create A Life Vision

You will get nowhere if you don’t have a clear idea of where you are headed. Have a clear vision of the life you want to live and use that to make important decisions. If something doesn’t fit into your vision or take you one step closer to it, turn away from it.

Apply these tips I learned in the Jamie McIntyre program and live seminar on a daily basis and you’ll witness your life changing. It happened to me.

Marcelo Perlingeiro is a member of Jamie McIntyre 21st Century Academy and is a full time internet marketer. Go to his website to learn more about what happened to him and some of his thoughts on Jamie’s teachings and wealth creation at

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