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How to Build Wealth Through Ezines

How to Build Wealth Through Ezines
By Dan Cavalli

Why should businesses and companies delve into online marketing? For one good reason: majority of the target market now go online. Millions of people from around the world use the Internet for a number of ways: for business transactions, for the latest news and information, for social networking, for self-promotion, and for shopping.

The World Wide Web is the perfect avenue to look for products and services, primarily due to the free flowing nature of information. Many businesses have flourished online in fact, the online world is the starting base on how to build wealth.

If you are unsure about buying a certain product, or you’re confused on what product to choose, you can simply Google the product to get hundreds of reviews and testimonials from various web sites. Many businesses and companies now make use of online marketing strategies to draw in customers.

The most popular and effective online method is ezine advertising. You can target a niche market so that you can talk to the people you want to reach.

Here are a few tips on how to build wealth through writing ezines:

1. When writing an ezine article, it’s important to keep your content fresh and original. Write articles from a unique angle. Convince readers that your articles are useful and the information can only be obtained from your articles, increasing online user loyalty and relations.

2. Use the right keywords. You can use the helpful Google keyword tool or Word tracker to find useful keywords that are appropriate for your products. Invest on rich Search Engine Traffic keywords, and buy on long tail keywords so that your articles will remain on the top page of search engines.

3. Don’t deviate from your objective for writing the article, which is to sell and advertise your products. Show them what you offer, provide truthful information, reviews and testimonials. Your article should be based on the AIDA formula: that it should first gain your reader’s Attention, retain their Interest, give them a reason to Desire your product or service, and give them a reason for Action.

4. Establish business relationships. Arrange deals with fellow businesses to help promote trust in your establishment, especially if it’s still starting out. You don’t need to promote your products alone, you may need help from others to spread your advertising message.

5. Write, write, write. It’s important to write hundreds of articles. It’s important to write 50-70 articles for a product or service. Your articles should be varied for example, if you’re writing ezine articles for Fiji vacations, you can write articles about Fiji cruises, Fiji top destinations, Fiji travel do’s and don’ts, Fiji locals, Fiji food, etc.

6. Give your readers a good reason to keep on reading and finish your article all throughout. Offer your readers freebies, special discounts or coupons that can be used for promoting your products or services.

Your business can succeed through writing ezines it’s one of the most effective methods on how to build wealth through the World Wide Web.

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2 Ways to Get Rich From Home in 2011 That I THINK You’re Going to Like!

2 Ways to Get Rich From Home in 2011 That I THINK You’re Going to Like!
By Alexa Ross

Who else would like to get rich from home in 2011? Does the idea of earning EASY money doing something you truly love appeal to you? Or, like many people reading this right now completely NUMB to the big promises, the hype and the lure of easy money, are you SO skeptical that you have a hard time believing you can make any money online, or from home….at all?

If you THINK you are ready to give up…..THINK AGAIN!

The truth is, you can make a full time living from home, starting right now….and I DARE say, you can also do a whole lot better than that, without having to invest in any more gurus, any more products and believe any more broken promises.

I’m going to give you 2 simple strategies that you CAN use today, that you can start immediately, and it is my most sincere hope that you apply this simple but effective approach to your own business, ASAP.

NOTE: Both of these strategies use FREE content, much like what you are reading right now, as the firm foundation from which to BUILD your brand…and your business to boot!

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What is it? Very simply, you are going to write articles like this one, a minimum of 5 a day, in ANY (or every) niche you have interest, that ALSO have high paying affiliate programs that you can use to monetize your readership.

This article will take me 15 minutes to write…at most. I can write 4 of these an hour. If I TRULY apply myself, I can literally write 12-15 articles like this a day, working only very part time. Using the affiliate arbitrage model, all you’re doing is re-directing your readership, those who choose to learn more, DIRECTLY to the affiliate vendor you chose in the first step. I generated over one MILLION readers in one niche alone using this approach in 2009, and the total cost of those visitors was NIL. (other than the time it took to write the articles)

Filed Under: Parlay Your PASSION into Perpetual PILES of PROFIT!

Said differently, use your content to sell yourself. What do you LOVE to do, to talk about, to teach, preach or evangelize? Find what it is that makes you come ALIVE, and then create copious amounts of content around THAT.

How do you make money from this? Very simple. You create a CURRICULUM, either a coaching program (optimal) or you codify your content into an ebook, or a cd series or a tele seminar product, or whatever it is that you chose. The truth is, if you have PASSION, and you combine that with expertise, you can turn your content into cold hard cash……and this article you are reading right now is an example of this ethos, in action!

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