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How to Have a Millionaire Mindset

How to Have a Millionaire Mindset
By Daegan Smith

Have you ever wondered why there are individuals who are wealthy and there are those who are poor? Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t seem to make ends meet while there are some who have riches that would last them several lifetimes?

What secrets do these successful individuals know? What kind of mystical powers do they hold?

The answer is simple. It’s all in the way they think. Wealthy individuals have the so-called millionaire mindset. It is this way of thinking that separates the successful individuals from the rest of the population.

The subconscious mind is very powerful. It is much more powerful than your conscious mind. It can either help you fulfill your dream or hold you back from the success you want in business and in life.

The subconscious mind is made up of ideas and beliefs formed in early childhood. The thing is, these ideas and beliefs have a tremendous and powerful effect on our lives as an adult even if we don’t consciously remember them. If you believe that money is evil or that money is hard to get, then surely you will have a hard time acquiring wealth and your success will be limited. Even though you go through the motions to reach your goal, you’ll always fall short on something that is critical to your success.

But there are things that you can do today that could change your way of thinking and provide you with a millionaire mindset.

Take absolute responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Stop blaming others for all your problems. This is actually a very powerful concept if you really think of it because it makes you realize that you can really do and achieve anything that you want from life.

Focus on the positive. The law of attraction states that you attract whatever you give attention to. This means that if you focus on what you want then, you’ll eventually get it. We create a special vibration or emotional state with our thoughts and emotions. What we attract and draw to us, including people and situations, is a result of what we create. Therefore, if you create a negative vibration then people around you will pick up on it.

Love your work. Are you trying to be rich by spending 50 or more hours every week doing something you hate? Of course it wouldn’t work. You can only be truly successful in life if you are doing what you enjoy. The primary concept, perhaps the most important, is that your quest for acquiring personal wealth should not be centered on the money, but rather on producing quality work. You will miss out on the other riches that life has to offer if your sole motivating factor for working is money.

Follow your own lead. It is true that sometimes copying someone else’s actions or ideas can lead to some levels of success. But to become really successful, we must find our own voice and make our own path. After all, each of us is unique and has special qualities. Copying someone means that you are not employing you are not employing your talents and skills to the fullest. Maximizing the use of the gifts God has given us is the only way we can really thank Him for giving us such gifts.

Love yourself. Believe that you have as much right to be happy as others. Believe that you deserve nothing but the best that life can offer and you will surely be blessed. Remember that it is only in loving oneself that we can truly love others. By loving ourselves and loving others, we open up ourselves to infinite blessings from the universe.

Never, ever be envious of others’ success. If you see someone with a fancy car or a beautiful house, say something like “Good for him!” If someone you know gets a promotion or wins an award, congratulate him and be sincere about it. Being envious will only block money and wealth from entering your life.

Do you want to become rich? Do you want to change your present situation? Then create a millionaire mindset by following the instructions above. Before long, miracles will start to happen in your life and blessings of wealth and abundance will start flowing in.

Daegan Smith is the leader of the fastest growing team of successful home business entrepreneurs on the net. Find out how we’re creating financial freedom all across the globe and how to get in on the action FREE =>

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9 Basic Ways You Can Achieve Wealth

9 Basic Ways You Can Achieve Wealth
By Karen Sielski

There is a pot of gold waiting for each and every one of us, and there are many roads we can take to claim our fortune.

1. Start a successful business, including real estate, or buy an existing business. Ahh, now this is more exciting and fun. This is also the way the richest of the rich achieve their wealth. People like Bill Gates and Donald Trump fall into this category, along with nearly 75% of all millionaires. Technology has made it possible for the little guy with a home business to have all the capabilities of a large corporation and capitalize on the global economy.

2. Save hard and invest well – until you die. Unfortunately, this is the way most people become millionaires. However, it doesn’t seem like a very fun way to become wealthy. Who wants to scrimp and save their whole life to be wealthy? What good is wealth if you don’t use it to enjoy life? Personally, this is my least favorite of the choices. I’ll keep my latte a day, thank you very much.

3. Find a successful business or CEO and tag along as an executive. This method is okay if you don’t mind corporate politics and the rat race lifestyle. About 10% of self-made millionaires are in this group. Many people make big bucks on this track but have a terrible quality of life.

4. Become a finance whiz and manage money for the rich. This is actually how most of the ultra wealthy do it, leaving them just one notch below the mega wealthy.

5. Become a top celebrity. Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, you get the idea. If you choose this path, remember, fame has it’s price.

6. Generate an endless stream of future income. Write a hit song, movie, or bestseller. Invent a new gadget. There is a lot of competition and only a few make it big, but it can be done. Those that don’t make it big struggle.

7. Marry well. But only for the right reasons of course!

8. Become a top salesperson. No college degree required here, just become very, very good at what you do. Oh, and by the way, if you have pictures of sleazy used car salesmen in your mind that’s not what we’re talking about here. Selling doesn’t have to be a bad thing, which is another topic for another day.

9. Become a top doc or lawyer. But be prepared to trade hours for dollars, big hours for big dollars! And don’t forget about the years and years of education and expense you’ll need to put in before you can achieve wealth in these professions. About 10% of millionaires are in this category.

Those are the 9 basic ways you can generate significant wealth. Look at the list again and decide which way you will generate your wealth. Make a decision right here and now to become rich via this method.

The next step may be out of your comfort zone, but it’s an important step. Tell someone your plans and ask them to make you accountable for taking action to make your decision a reality. Be sure to pick someone supportive that won’t burst your bubble and discourage you from even trying.

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Karen Sielski is a passionate online wealth builder, self proclaimed cool mom, tennis enthusiast, and founder of Autopilot Online Success. She uses her 20+ years in the high-tech industry to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and online network marketers successfully grow their businesses online. She has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and owns a successful online business.

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3 Things Wealthy People Know That You Don’t

3 Things Wealthy People Know That You Don’t
By Augustine Mwanje

Have you ever wondered why the rich keep getting richer generation after generation? The main reason behind this is that they probably have some information that other people don’t. They say that 0.0001% of the world’s population controls 99% of the world’s wealth. Apparently if all that wealth were distributed equally amongst every living person, within 15 years it will have filtered back to the 0.0001%.

So what is it about the small percentage that makes them very special? Let us look at 3 things wealthy people know that keep them accumulating more wealth:

1. You do not need money to make money

If you have ever been told that you need money to make money, then chances are you are going to wait around forever to earn enough money to get started. Most self-made millionaires have some kind of a rags-to-riches story, while so many people who win the lottery end up losing everything.

To make money, you need ideas and the discipline to turn your ideas into outer wealth. Money itself isn’t wealth but is just the by-product of it. That is why you need to be wealthy on the inside before it can manifest on the outside.

2. Focus on increasing your net worth not your salary

Increasing your net worth should be your number one priority if you are to accumulate wealth. This is one area where employees and self-made millionaires are on different sides of the same coin. To most employees, a bigger paycheck is usually the main focus and as a result, they will move from job to job based on the pay alone. What they do with their salary is a different story altogether so they end up living form paycheck-to-paycheck. Self made millionaires focus on building their net worth.

Look for ways to increase your net worth and you will very likely become wealthy. This is because what you focus on expands. It’s what you don’t spend, not what you earn that makes a difference.

3. Find out what you love to do and you will be successful at it

When you don’t know what to do with your life, it’s difficult sometimes to make even the most insignificant day-to-day decisions because they don’t seem part of a greater plan that gives meaning to your thoughts and actions. If you do something purely with the intention of making money, you may be in for a disappointment.

Keep a written list of things and ideas that you would like to implement and refer to it often. Focus on the positive aspects of your life because the more you focus on the positive in life, the more positive things will come your way. You have to align the desire to succeed with the faith that you will succeed.

Feed your mind constantly with new information, images and ideas of the person you want to be and the life you want to live. By creating this inner attitude of your mind, you change the outer aspects of your reality.

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3 Wealth Building Strategies Of The Rich Exposed

3 Wealth Building Strategies Of The Rich Exposed
By Augustine Mwanje

Isn’t it interesting that so many people hear about wealth building strategies of the rich, but so few people ever seem to get around to implementing them? In this article we are going to look at 3 wealth building strategies of the rich. Before we get started, if you are not yet rich, you need to understand what is preventing you from being rich and start doing something about it.

Now let us get to the strategies.

1. Invest to win

If you do not know how to multiply your money, your chances of getting rich are rather slim. The good news is that no one is born with this knowledge, and with a little effort, you too can acquire it. There are only two kinds of investors; the successful ones, and those who give up too soon. Rich people invest to win, while most poor and middle class people invest not to lose. There is a big difference between the two strategies.

2. Be decisive

Most people who do not achieve much in life take too much time making simple decisions, and change their decisions very quickly. Once you make a decision, go with it, make it work, and do not look back. You cannot wait to have all the information before you make a business decision because you will never have all the information.

If you don’t completely and honestly believe in what you’re about to do, don’t do it, otherwise you will probably fail. In most cases poor results are brought about by self-doubt.

3. Take immediate action

When you identify a business opportunity, take advantage of it right away. Do not wait for the moon the stars and the sun to be aligned. My mentor used to tell me that if you think of a money-making idea, implement it right away or else someone else will identify the same opportunity and take advantage of it while you are still procrastinating.

The average professional corporate worker will spend years going to school and then they will get an average job with average income. They will spend the next 45 years of their life working up the corporate ladder until eventually they have enough money to retire. In most cases they never earn enough money to retire and they are left to depend upon social security.

The sad part is, for a good fraction of these people, the 45 years are filled with working at jobs they don’t like with bosses they can’t stand. They fail to build wealth even with the knowledge of wealth building strategies of the rich. They eventually feel cheated and then look for someone to blame. Do not let this happen to you.

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